The activities of the EFLA are diverse, but the same idea underlies all of them: to contribute to the development and to a better knowledge of Food Law, considered as a specific sector of general law.

From working groups to congresses, from seminars to information meetings, the different activities of the EFLA are all means to attain these goals. The ad hoc working groups occasionally bring together members of the Association who want jointly to examine specific subjects such as the relationships between foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, industrial and commercial property rights, etc.

The EFLA also mobilises for limited work. A recent example was furnished by the preparation of a document on the interpretation of the recent EU regulation on nutrition and health claims.

However, what has made the reputation of the EFLA is above all its major International Congresses. Most often these Congresses are prepared under the aegis of a national section which takes care of the material organisation. The theme, however, the subjects approached and the speakers who approach them are left to the Council, which appoints an Organising Committee to assist it.

These Congresses take place in the main working languages of the Association - English - to which are sometimes added, according to the number and the requirements of the participants, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Their high level of quality and the success achieved each time have contributed to a great extent to make the Association known within interested circles.

last update: October 2015