The amount of members' yearly fees is determined by the General Assembly; currently it amounts to 200 € for individual members, 75 € for retired members and students, and 1000 € for corporate members. Please find here the subscription form for 2019 for individual membership, retired person or student. You will find here the subscription form for 2019 for corporate membership.

The EFLA recognises a final category of members: that of honorary members, which can be conferred by the Council to personalities of reputation who have contributed in an eminent manner to the development and the harmonisation of Food Law. It has always been considered by the Council that the status of honorary members should be reserved for high-level specialists in food law or the food sciences, whose fame goes far beyond the borders of their country of origin.

The honorary members are invited to attend Council meetings and have a consultative voice there if they are not already part of it already. A similar system has been reserved in practice for former presidents (called honorary presidents) of the EFLA although the statutes do not make mention of this. It has become traditional in effect to invite the former presidents, on a personal and consultative basis, to all the meetings of the Council, in consideration of their experience and the devotion that they have given proof of in the course of their mandate.


last update: January 2019